LED, sensor and Arduino

I have a long story with "Light". When I was a student in university, I always been touching by those graceful and technological products about "Light". In addition to praise those good design by others, I prefer to design something about "Light",  there are two projects in my school days.

LITEON is an ambient intelligence street lamp looking as a illuminant. People can transfer the graphics and texts which doodling in their smart phone to the LITEON by WIFI or 3G signals. As soon as LITEON get these info, it will display these in dynamic. I believe that is a well way to share feeling, and will be a interested social media which give more kindly humanistic concern in the city street at night.


"Couple Together" my diploma design, that is a projector designed for young people. I did not only focus on the new technology trends, but also want to achieve the combination of the product and ambience. And this projector be designed as a furniture like a mobile tea table. I am very like this concept, and according the front edge of technology, I redesigned it in my graduate studies.

couple together

But after all above, these design only stay in drawing, or just only a form model. When I touched the interaction design, physical computing, Arduino etc new area in my graduate studies, I really realized that industrial designer should take part in the process between the product and people, especially the things with chip embed.

"LED CUBE" is my first project based on Arduino. I made up 8*8*8 Led cube by myself, and tried to achieve light water function with Max8517 chip and Arduino board. It is a truly difficult process for who have limited idea of circuit and programming. But it amazing that let me took more and more interesting in the interactive hardware and decided to take these thing as my research area.

屏幕快照 2013-05-09

After my Master's degree study, I went to an university in Hangzhou, as a industrial design teacher. Although, I had to deal with very heavy teaching tasks, sometimes had to finish 40 class hours per week in first few years. But I still will to discover and challenge the new world. The "TEMP_CUP" is one case of this process.

I discovered that we usually speculate the temperature of water by watching vapor. Can we color the water as different temperature? I made up this Led cup, that when you move or knock the cup, the led embed in button will light different colors. It's very happy to me, that this prototype had been taken part in the Beijing Maker Festival 2013 as one works of Hangzhou maker space, named Onion capsule.