I am interested in the prototyping of Interaction Design

which brings physical computing and computational methods to design.


I knew I am more interested in programming and electronics than most designers

whilst my drawing and prototyping skill was better than most computer scientists.

That is why I selected these half design + half computing fields to study and Research.

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This a cup which help people to see the "Temperture", by the charge of colors. it's consist of temperture sensor, multicolor LED lights, reed swtich and custom Arduino board. It had showed in Beijing Maker Carnival in March, 2012.

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My first Arduino project, made 4*4*4 LED matrix by hand, using MAX7219

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internal structure by LEGO bricks,and programming in LEGO NXT-G.

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A  iOS App game for child, activate creatures by fingers and breath; and doodle any things.  This is a commercial project,I worked as interaction designer,designed and makeuped hot area setting,Animation and some GUI.

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Eyewear prototype;

 Mobile App prototype,user can choose variety of eyewear, fit user face. And share the visual effect with friends.屏幕快照 2013-05-09 下午6.30.24

















Machine GUI design;

This is a commercial project for new multi-touch color LED screen in print machine.

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